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1. [제품·서비스 등의] [명사] advertisement; [사적(informal)일 때] ad; <텔레비전·라디오 등의> commercial; <광고 활동> advertising [동사] advertise; put an advertisement (in)

신문에 광고를 내다
put[place; run; carry] an ad in the paper
광고효과를 보다
obtain advertising effect / get advertising impact
간접광고를 규제하다
regulate indirect advertisement
신문광고를 보고 전화 드립니다
I'm calling about the newspaper ad.
텔레비전은 강력한 광고매체다
The TV is a powerful advertising medium.
그 회사는 TV에 신제품 광고를 내보내고 있다
The company is running a TV commercial for the new product.
그것은 순전히 과대광고다
That's completely false advertising. / That ad is full of nothing but exaggerated claims. / The ad is pure hype.
신문사는 광고 수입으로 운영된다
The newspaper operates on its advertising revenues. / The newspaper lives off its advertising income.

put[place, run] an ad[advertisement] in a newspaper; advertise in a newspaper (출처: 동아 프라임 한영사전)
신문에 광고를 내다
advertise for (business[domestic]) help; put[run] a want ad in a newspaper (출처: 동아 프라임 한영사전)
구인 광고를 내다
All that advertising we did seems to have had no effect whatsoever. (출처: 동아 프라임 한영사전)
우리가 한 모든 광고가 아무런 효과도 거두지 못한 것 같다
I´m calling about your help-wanted ad in the newspaper. (출처: 동아 프라임 한영사전)
신문에 난 구인 광고를 보고 전화드리는 겁니다
The firms are also likely to be permitted to issue advertisements. (출처: The Korea Herald)
직업소개소의 건전광고 허용도 추진된다.
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2. [널리 알림]

그는 아들이 대기업에 들어갔다고 온 동네에 광고하고 다녔다
He went around telling everyone that his son was accepted into a large company.

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retrieved - 가져오다

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pick up;
to get or fetch back again;
recover ;

He retrieved his papers from various people's drawers.
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used to

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I used to watch the jusik charts. - 보곤했다
I am used to watching the jusik charts. - 보는데익숙하다

used는 과거
be ~ -ing 과거에 그리하여 지금은 익숙할 밖에
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1.(보통 ~s) 공적(公的) 기록, 공문서.
3.[문서 따위]를 보관소에 보관[수용]하다; <컴퓨터> [파일]을 아카이브에 넣다[저장하다].

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